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The County of DuPage

Homeland Security and Emergency Management (OHSEM)






The website and its related social media accounts are your sources for official information from the DuPage County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (OHSEM). The information is periodically updated and is geared towards preparing you to respond to and recover from emergencies or disasters. Connect with us by subscribing to our 网际直通车, Facebook account and YouTube account. If you do not use social media, we created · 田区网际直通车 网吧 340403000004477 张梓瑞 安徽省淮南市田区国庆东路 340400000028260757 淮南市宜都环保发展有限公司 340421000024485 闫德林 安徽省淮南市 ... for you, located on the left side of this page, to stay informed. We hope you enjoy these features and find it of value.


The DuPage County Health Department (DCHD) is closely monitoring the rapidly evolving world-wide outbreak of novel (new) coronavirus (COVID-19). DCHD continues to update its resources and information on their website. We recommend you check regularly for the latest information. We also suggest you follow DCHD on Twitter @DuPageHD or Facebook @DuPageHealth.

If you are interested in donating specific Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), please complete the PPE Donations Offer Form. A DuPage County Health Department (DCHD) staff member will then follow up to discuss next logistical steps. Only manufactured items that are still in their unopened packaging, or homemade cloth masks will be accepted. 

  • Masks: N-95 (equivalent or higher), surgical, or procedural
  • Gowns: Isolation and non-surgical (all sizes)
  • Gloves: Nitrile, sterile, and surgical (all sizes)
  • Eye Protection: Goggles and safety glasses (fluid shield)
    Face shields 
  • Sani Cloth Germicidal Disinfecting Surface Wipes




Severe weather in our area generally means severe thunderstorms. Now when you hear the words “severe thunderstorm” in the forecast, be ready for more than just heavy rain and lightning. Severe thunderstorms can also bring hail, strong wind gusts, flash floods, and tornadoes. These storms could also cause power outages. 

It’s important to be prepared and know what steps you will take when a disaster strikes.  

One of the most important steps is to have multiple ways to receive warnings and alerts (e.g. 网际直通车, local TV and radio, Wireless Emergency Alerts and weather apps, outdoor sirens, NOAA Weather Alert Radio, from family, friends, and coworkers, 网际直通车). Also, the Weather Watcher Page from the National Weather Service (NWS) Chicago Weather Forecast Office is a great resource for advanced information to allow you to prepare. 

Severe weather can happen at any time and anywhere. Practice your emergency plans regularly so that everyone in your home or office knows what to do when a severe weather warning is issued. Be aware of severe weather plans no matter where you travel (e.g. shopping centers, place of worship, schools, theater, etc.).

View the below resources for tips and information pertaining to severe weather preparedness. Additional information is available in the Severe Weather Preparedness Guide, developed by the Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA), and on the emergency preparedness page of

  • View a list and map of cooling sites (cooling centers) in DuPage County. 粤澳提出全面构建合作新格局-粤澳-东北网国内:2021-12-9 · 新华网广州12月9日电 8日上午在珠海召开的2021年粤澳合作联席会议提出,"十一五"期间,澳门特别行政区和广东省政府将继续秉承"前瞻、全局、务实、互利"原则,积极拓宽合作领域,提高合作水平,全面构建粤澳经贸合作新格局、民生合作新格局和文化合作新格局。
  • Be Prepared for Extreme Heat
  • Protect Your Workers from Heat Stress
  • How Can I Protect My Children from the Sun?  
  • Hot Cars and Loose Pets
  • 粤澳提出全面构建合作新格局-粤澳-东北网国内:2021-12-9 · 新华网广州12月9日电 8日上午在珠海召开的2021年粤澳合作联席会议提出,"十一五"期间,澳门特别行政区和广东省政府将继续秉承"前瞻、全局、务实、互利"原则,积极拓宽合作领域,提高合作水平,全面构建粤澳经贸合作新格局、民生合作新格局和文化合作新格局。


    The DuPage County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management encourages residents to take steps to be prepared for winter weather. A great way to start preparing is to review this How to Prepare for a Winter Storm guidebook from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. 

    Keep in mind that during severe winter weather, there is also an increased likelihood of power outages. Review this Power Outage Checklist from the American Red Cross. Additionally, view a list and map of heating sites (warming centers) in DuPage County. Please be sure to call a warming center before going to one, as some are only open during emergencies, such as large-scale power outages.

    Click below to view some videos from FEMA. 


    For additional tips, please view the resources below:

    • View a list and map of heating sites (warming centers) in DuPage County. Please be sure to call a warming center before going to one, as some are only open during emergencies, such as large-scale power outages.
    • Cold Weather Pet Safety - American Veterinary Medical Association 
    • Stay Safe in Cold Weather - National Institute for Aging
    • Cold Stress Guide - Occupational Safety and Health Administration
    • Winter Weather Preparedness Checklist for Business Owners - Small Business Administration
    • Winter Weather Preparedness - Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 
    • - National Weather Service Website 
    • 比巴厘岛美,比马代便宜,这才是这个冬天最该去的地方 ...:2021-11-20 · 原标题:比巴厘岛美,比马代便宜,这才是这个冬天最该去的地方!不知不觉2021年已经不足两个月的时间在全国大部分城市都处在冻成狗的天气,不少人说:“我想去海岛游泳!”@图虫YangBohan今天小编给你们介绍一处冬天最该去的地方比巴厘岛美,比马代便宜不超过300
    • 人民法院报 - · “院长信箱”是黑龙江法院网69个栏目中的重要栏目之一,旨在便利群众反映问题,开通民意网上直通车。黑龙江高院还制定了《“院长信箱”所涉案件、事项办理工作的实施细则》,规范信箱留言的梳理、批转、办理和答复等流程。
    • Winter Storm Preparedness Guide - Illinois Emergency Management Agency
    • - Search Transportation Data (e.g. winter road conditions, road construction, etc)
    • NOAA Weather Alert Radio

    Donate PPE

    To donate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE),
    please complete the PPE Donations Offer Form.

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    • DuPage County Accidents
    • Google Maps - Traffic
    • 网际直通车
    • Getting Around Illinois
    • IDOT Emergency Closure List
    • Travel Midwest

    Weather Information

    • 粤澳提出全面构建合作新格局-粤澳-东北网国内:2021-12-9 · 新华网广州12月9日电 8日上午在珠海召开的2021年粤澳合作联席会议提出,"十一五"期间,澳门特别行政区和广东省政府将继续秉承"前瞻、全局、务实、互利"原则,积极拓宽合作领域,提高合作水平,全面构建粤澳经贸合作新格局、民生合作新格局和文化合作新格局。
    • DuPage Airport Weather
    • National Weather Service
    • NWS Chicago Weather Watcher Briefing
    • FEMA Mobile App
    • NOAA All Hazards Weather Radio
    • Weather Enterprise Resources

    Cooling Centers

    • (Please be sure to call the location to ensure it is open.)
    • List/Map of Cooling Centers


    Smart 911 Logo

    Click on the green Smart911 button to register now. The Emergency Telephone System Board of DuPage County offers a free and confidential service to help first responders when you call 911. Completing a profile will provide first responders with important information to help you when you call 911. The information  can include photos of your children, special  needs and medical information, current location. This service is appropriate for Premise Alert Program users. You can even register your pets. For more information about Smart911, click Register for Smart911.

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    • Emergency School Closings
    • Federal Emergency Management Agency
    • 比巴厘岛美,比马代便宜,这才是这个冬天最该去的地方 ...:2021-11-20 · 原标题:比巴厘岛美,比马代便宜,这才是这个冬天最该去的地方!不知不觉2021年已经不足两个月的时间在全国大部分城市都处在冻成狗的天气,不少人说:“我想去海岛游泳!”@图虫YangBohan今天小编给你们介绍一处冬天最该去的地方比巴厘岛美,比马代便宜不超过300
    • IRS - Disaster Assistance/Emergency Relief
    • National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster
    • 网际直通车
    • Salvation Army
    • U.S. Department of Homeland Security
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